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Key points of choosing kitchen faucet
  • Date:2020-07-06
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1. Easy to use: washing vegetables, steaming rice, cooking soup, washing dishes There are too many annoying things in the kitchen, don't let the faucet add to the mess! With a handy faucet, people often don't feel its existence, and this is mainly related to its spool, handle position, and switch mode. A good faucet valve core can be opened and closed freely, and the handle will not be too loose or tight when using; the handle position and shape should be convenient to open and close, that is to say, the back of the hand can also be operated easily; the traditional screw type and wrench type switch has not been used in the kitchen for a long time, but is replaced by a quick lifting switch.

2. Easy to clean: kitchen work with oil stains, dirt hands to turn on the tap, the tap dirty. Therefore, it's better to choose products that are not contaminated with oil and easy to scrub. This has a great relationship with the shape and coating of the faucet. Generally, the faucet with complex shape and changeable lines is easy to leave a dead angle for cleaning, and the tap surface with thin coating and low hardness is easy to be blackened and unclean. Fence recommended that we still use more simple modeling, hard coating products, this can save a lot of things.

3. Suitable size: some kitchen faucets in some families are easy to splash and fall into the middle of the sink This is to ignore the sink, kitchen faucet collocation caused. When choosing kitchen faucet, you must know the size of sink, and select the appropriate faucet according to this size. Make sure that the angle of the water outlet is in the middle of the water tank, and there can be 180 ° or 360 ° rotation. The distance between the water outlet and the bottom of the water tank is not easy to splash.

4. Water saving and environmental protection: the consumption of water resources in the kitchen is very large, and "energy saving and environmental protection" is the mainstream in modern decoration, so we should pay attention to this point when choosing the faucet. The water-saving faucet can save 30-40% water than ordinary faucets, and it can save a lot of water expenses for the family when it is used. There are two main types of water-saving faucets: one is to use a good bubbler to inject air into the water to prevent water splashing and maintain the flushing effect. At the same time, it also slows down the water flow rate and reduces the water flow rate to achieve the purpose of water saving; the other is the handle "prompt" design, when the handle is lifted to a certain height, there is an obvious sense of pause to remind the user that the water consumption has increased.

5. Style unification: the unification of decoration style is also concerned. In the kitchen room, the sink can be matched with different materials and styles, while the faucet is mainly reflected in the line shape and surface coating.
6. Humanized design: with the continuous improvement of kitchen faucet production technology, product design has become more and more humanized. In addition to making it easy for everyone to use, businesses also produce a left-handed faucet suitable for left-handed people. In addition, there are also products with 360 degree rotation, drawable sprinkler head, direct flush / nozzle conversion, and flexible modeling for those kitchen with large space, habit of direct cleaning with water, spraying method and enjoyment of innovative fun.

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